If you’ve been hibernating while everyone has been locked down, the thought of getting back into your regular training schedule could be daunting. Unfortunately when we stop training we lose our hard fought progress. But not to worry, it will come back much faster the second time round thanks to muscle memory. It takes up to 6 months of inactivity to begin losing muscle size because the muscle no longer needs to store the same amount of energy.

It’s important to get back into your routine but don’t go too hard too fast if you’ve had a couple of weeks off, start back with a few lighter days before attempting hit that squat 1RM again. It’s also good for your CNS to progressively overload on your training to get back to previous level. 

Lockdown is almost over so it’s time to fix your sleep schedule, get hydrated, get your nutrition sorted and start booking in your sessions at the gym. 

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