When we see someone in the gym doing something incorrectly, what we really see is something that, long term, is going to lead to some real issues; muscular imbalance ➡️ postural problems ➡️ injury and chronic pain. 


This makes us feel so uncomfortable as we believe lifting should lead to the opposite ➡️ strength, confidence and most importantly longevity. We would love to be able to coach everyone, but simply don’t have the time and resources for that to be possible. 


That is why we have created a database of information in our Instagram story highlights to educate our members who aren’t receiving coaching. We believe there is no substitute for quality coaching but are working to create the next best thing. 


We are doing this through Instagram stories as they are short, simple and to the point. Please have a look, use it when you train, and we would love to hear any feedback. It will be consistently evolving so keep an eye out for new content.



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