Get Those Steps In! The Benefits of Slow Steady State Cardio

Gym Stafford

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No better time to get those steps in. With gyms being closed and most people being limited to very basic home gyms there is no better time to add some walking in to your lifestyle. A simple walk can work wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing

Slow Steady Cardio

Adding Slow Steady State Cardio is one of the easiest ways to implement some form of conditioning into your lifestyle. Simply adding a walk into your day is something most people can without too much trouble. One of the most important things when trying to increase your energy output is finding something you enjoy so that it can be sustainable long term. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to do it consistently and thus more likely to create a real habit. We recommend adding a walk in before or after work and measuring the time or distance using an app on your phone. Slowly you increase your energy output by either increasing the distance or time walked each week.

So Why? Benefits of Slow Steady State Cardio

  1. Improved Recovery
    Try low to moderate intensity workouts to help increase blood flow to damaged tissue and boost your recovery.
  2. Become Better Fat Adapted
    During low intensity exercise fat is the primary source of fuel opposed to carbohydrates/glycogen at higher intensities. Doing so regularly can help your body become better adapted to burning fat as fuel source.
  3. Won’t compromise other training
    Low intensity cardio will ensure that you will reap the health benefits of this type of exercise whilst ensuring if you participate in other forms of training (weights and sport based) your energy levels won’t be affected.
  4. Helps Maintain Muscle Mass while in Calorie Deficit
    SSC can make dieting easier and increase your calorie burn without over-stressing your system
  5. Improved Mental Health
    Can be used as me time to destress, get out into nature and reflect as well as the act of walking has been shown to boost feel good neurotransmitters associated with positive states of being.
  6. Easy to implement
    Low Impact, Easy to stick to

So what’s your excuse? Get walking!

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