Look after your Mental Health in Lockdown

Gym Stafford

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How do you want to look back on the COVID 19 lockdown? Will you look back on this time and be proud that you used it positively to work on yourself and prioritise the things that you had previously ignored because you “ just didn’t have time” or will you have wasted it feeling like a victim and falling to back into old bad habits, coming out of lockdown in worse place mentally?

One tool that we can all benefit from is Meditation. The science is now catching up with what the eastern cultures have known for thousands of years with 100’s of studies now proving the mental and physical benefits. Meditation can be the catalyst for real change. When we become conscious of our own subconscious thoughts and behaviours we can start to create new more empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. We believe taking up meditation can reflect as positive results in the gym leading to less self sabotage and greater confidence. There are a number of free apps with thousands of meditations to choose from.

Our top picks are:

1) Insight Timer (1000’s of free meditations)

2) Calm

3) Headspace

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