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Much of this has stemmed from my own struggle with mentaI health. The only thing that really helped has been the journey of learning to take full responsibility for how I feel and act. The more responsible I have become the more I have been able to take my power back from external circumstances. Nothing outside of you is coming to save you. You have everything you need within you. There are opportunities all around you. You just have to be able to see them. One of my goals with this journal is to see people become more responsible and intentional with their training which I hope will carry over to other areas of their lives with the realisation that we are all so much more capable then we have been lead to believe.

I feel like if i had this Journal long ago I may be a lot further along then I currently am but I know everything happens at the right time so I am very grateful and excited to be able to share this NOW. Any members of our gym and anyone else seeking more clarity around their training, habits beliefs and the impact they have on each other I believe will find value in this journal.

 Ryan Cameron has Co-Created with me and has massively helped bring this journal to life. We cannot wait to release it with high hopes that it will help a lot of people inside and outside the gym. Stay Tuned for release date.

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