Oran Royston

11 Blake Kefu

Blake is the newest member of our team, he is an online coach as well as the coach of the small group training we run in house. Blake is relatively new to the fitness industry but he learns fast and has quickly proven to be knowledgable and adaptable. source

12 Jasmin Paterson

Jasmin is a member of our team at Strength Sanctuary, she is a personal trainer as well as a sports nutritionist. Jasmin is relatively new to the fitness industry but she has rapidly grown her business through furthering her own development as a coach. source

14 Adam Martin

Adam is a student and bodybuilder, he has begun taking a more serious approach to bodybuilding after discharging from the army and has aims of helping others by building a business around coaching individuals through the recovery process after injury. source

Matt Foley-Lewis

Matt is a medical student and powerlifter who recently began training with us at Strength Sanctuary. Matt has big goals for his powerlifting career which he is well and truly on his way to reaching. source

09 Callum Gibson

Callum is a member at Strength Sanctuary and is a passionate bodybuilder and powerlifter, he merges the two disciplines into a training style he refers to as “powerbuilding,” Callum manages his time in the gym around full time work as a boilermaker. source

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