Serious Question...

How will you choose to spend $20 this week?

Fast food 🍟


Alcohol 🍷

A Movie 🎬

What if instead, you invested it into you?


Strength Sanctuary has helped thousands of people reach their goals to lose fat, put on muscle and improve all aspects of their life as a result


Improving your health comes with confidence, better opportunities, and irreplaceable natural energy.


Break out of the ordinary and make a lifestyle change towards the physique you have dreamed of. It's always a good day to start



Poor choices become habits and these habits are hard to break, couple that with an environment that doesn’t promote growth and you have a recipe for going nowhere.

We trained for years in different commercial box gyms and felt the same way, after years of frustration we knew something had to change. We had to find the environment that allowed us to grow mentally and physically and allowed us to reconnect with our passion for fitness and weight training.  The problem was that the environment we needed didn’t exist. That’s why we spent thousands of hours and put in the blood sweat and tears to build the sanctuary and create the place it is today.

The sanctuary will provide you with so much more than “just a gym.” We will give you the tools, the environment and the community to change your life.

You will truly not find this anywhere else.

Commit to yourself 🤜🤛 Discover your potential

Unlike a big corporation, we actually give a sh*t. Come say hello, ask us for a spot or let us know what’s on your mind.


$ 20 Weekly
  • $25 Sign on fee
  • Cancel any time

6 Month

$ 18 Weekly
  • $12.50 Sign on fee
  • FREE Plant + Vase
  • FREE trial of Strength Camp

12 Month

$ 16 Weekly
  • $0 Sign on fees
  • FREE Aura T-Shirt
  • FREE Sanctuary Journal
  • FREE trial of Strength Camp
  • FREE Plant + Vase
Best Value


Ultimate Membership
$ 59
  • $0 Sign on fee
  • Unlimited class bookings
  • Capped at 6 people per class
  • Programming with our custom app
  • Nutrition guide with macro tracker
  • Includes FULL gym access
  • Monthly check-ins

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A little bit about us.

Oran Royston


I started lifting at a young age initially to become stronger and improve how I looked but training has become something much more. Lifting is a method of challenging beliefs we have about ourselves and what we percieve to be possible. When you are consistently progressing and doing things you were once incapable of, it opens us up to new more empowering beliefs which can lead to a new sense of confidence and create opportunities. To be able to share what lifting has done for me with other people has given my life a sense of purpose.

We are building the ultimate training destination in Brisbane

Small team, Big ideas

Mission Statement

Our mission is to share our passion for strength training by providing a unique environment where members of our community push each other to new heights. We believe training can be used as a tool to not only improve oneself physically, but more importantly mentally. We have a responsibility to our community to do everything in our power to provide the environment and tools necessary for constant and consistent improvement.

This is just a small glimpse into the Sanctuary, to truly experience it we highly recommend you drop in for a free session

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