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Part of what makes our gym environment so good is the quality and expertise of our coaches.

Ben Matthews

Bachelor Of Exercise & Movement Science.

Ben graduated from QUT at the end of 2012 and has worked in the industry ever since. Whilst he caters to those of the general population, he has previously been a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Melbourne Storm NYC, Redcliffe Dolphins, Wynnum – Manly Seagulls Wests Brisbane Panthers Womens.

His extensive experience as a result of working with these clubs has allowed him to prep those looking to go from amateur to semi pro and  semi pro to pro. So if you’re someone who is looking to improve their athletic ability whether that be strength, speed, power, fitness; Ben is the coach for you!

With sport/training comes injuries. Ben has rehabbed countless ACL’s, shoulder reconstructions, soft tissue injuries etc. So, if you’ve been putting up with niggling injuries or have something more substantial and are looking for someone to help, Ben delivers specifically catered programming to get you back in action asap. Most importantly Ben is a lifting purist. He is here to educate you in order to train with maximum performance and minimum injury risk. The more you know, the more you can do, the more fun you can have!

Deb Jones

Cert IV Fitness

Deb has many years experience coaching and takes great pride in helping her clients reach their potential. She pays careful attention to detail with all of her clients to make sure they are training with a level of intensity but also effectively and with good technique to ensure longevity and injury prevention.

Deb has worked with many clients of different ages, strength and skill levels and will definitely be able to help you reach your goals no matter where you currently are in your fitness journey.

Jas Paterson

Cert IV Fitness
Diploma of Performance Nutrition (Studying)

Jas has been working in the industry for just over two years now, focusing in the past year especially on strength, conditioning and nutrition. While she works mostly with females, she offers training and programming services to any and all as long as they are willing to put in the work.

She has worked with people from many backgrounds, including: general population, netball players, novice powerlifters, bodybuilders and more. Having competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting and prepped clients for both, she is knowledgeable to assist you in improving your training towards each is always looking to learn and improve her skills.

She has studied her Strength and Conditioning certifications and will be recognised as a certified nutritionist by the end of March. If you’re new to training, need some help with your technique, want to train towards a more specific goal or just need some general guidance, she’s the person to go to. Jas is adamant that the more you train, the stronger you are, the more capable you feel; and that is the best confidence boost there is.

Tom Fox

Cert IV Fitness
Diploma of Performance Nutrition

Tom is an experienced personal trainer using programs based around strength, injury prevention, endurance and nutrition. He has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals through thoughtful planning and execution of the training and diet programs.

Tom is an expert when it comes to nutrition, he has recently become a training provider for others looking to further their own knowledge of nutrition. If you would like to find out how to become a qualified nutritionist through Tom’s program get in touch.

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